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Pasta is our passion. Our enthusiasm is a constant presence all throughout the production lines, starting with the extrusion, into the heat treatment of the product, and ending with the packing.

We want to stand out producing tailor-made machineries that meet the needs of both producers and those who seek support for their own production processes.

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We don’t end with pasta. With our made-in- Italy style innovation, we have expanded what was originally our core-business to include all other products in the food or non-food sectors.

This is how we created the lines of spiral conveyor belts and the plants for heat treatment of food or non-food, packed or unpacked products. These plants deal with everything from conveying to handling, which satisfy all the phases of production (freezing, cooling, pasteurization and proofing). For this reason, they are mainly used in the heat treatment of bakery products, dairy products, and derivatives, processed fruit and vegetables, meat, ice cream and desserts, beverage.

Your production is unique, just like our customizations.

All clients have very specific requirements according to the needs of production and space. Therefore, from the first contact with the client we face in detail the different issues so as to develop a customized solution, focused on real needs, whose aim is the maximization of space and production management.

The customizations:

  • Lines for pasta: they are designed according to the recipe, the raw material to be used, the available product and space.
  • Heat treatment plants or spiral conveyor belt: they are designed according to the product, trying to automate processes in order to reduce the machining time, putting in connection different working areas, safeguarding the available space, the integrity and healthiness of the product.


On the side of innovation

In our internal R&D centre we test all products.

We are thus now able to offer to our costumers the most effective and cost-efficient solution, supporting them at every stage, from planning to start-up.

Only after our in-house test validations, we offer innovative solutions from selection of materials to the most advanced techniques and technologies.



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