How to produce quality fresh pasta: the necessary processes and machinery

Impianti per lasagne

Pasta is a universal food loved by everyone but when it comes to fresh pasta, it's a whole different story. Genuine ingredients, a long centuries-old tradition and an intense flavor: for all these reasons, fresh pasta is considered a superior quality product compared to dry pasta.

To meet the high expectations of customers and follow the standards of the international market, it is essential to fully understand the production process of fresh pasta in all its stages.

In this article, we will show you how to make fresh pasta by listing the necessary processes and machinery.

What are the production processes of fresh pasta?

The processes for the production of fresh pasta are as follows:

  • careful selection of raw materials (soft wheat flour or durum wheat semolina);
  • mixing flour together with water and/or eggs, until a homogeneous and elastic dough is obtained;
  • modeling and cutting of the dough according to the desired shape such as gnocchi, lasagna, pappardelle, ravioli or tortellini;
  • pasta cooking, followed by its cooling and pasteurization.

Once packed and sterilized, the pasta is ready to be eaten.

The machinery needed for production

Impianti per pasta fresca ripiena 1

The production plant for fresh pasta is mainly composed of:

In addition to these, there are many other machines on the market such as gnocchi, ravioli or tortellini forming machines, which create specific formats based on the type chosen.

The advantages of producing fresh pasta with Sarp machinery

At Sarp we design customized machinery and systems to improve every stage of your industrial pasta production.

Our machines allow you to optimize:

  • Time: because the production cycles are automated and controlled.
  • Money: because they have a pasta production capacity of up to 2,000 kg per hour.
  • Space: because we design cutting-edge machines taking into account the necessary dimensions.

Thanks to our experience and the attention we put into each project, we develop customized and cutting-edge solutions and build your machines with all our passion.