Pasteurization and cooling line of filled pasta

2 August 2018 |

Pasteurization and cooling line of filled pasta

Sarp is realizing the pasteurization and cooling line of filled pasta that consists of thermal treatment and process of filled pasta with temperatures that can reach up to 98 ° C in the pasteurization chamber. Inside the pre-drying chamber the temperature reaches 65 ° C, while in the cooling part the temperature reaches 3 ° C, inside the machine. In this line, the process includes a steam pasteurizer and a pre-dryer / cooler (combined machine) to return the product ready for packaging.

The STEAM PASTEURIZER of this line is designed for a production capacity of 800 kg / h of filled pasta, with a chamber length of 6000 mm. It is completed with a drying area with stainless steel panels, with 2 helicoidal fans with adjustable air flow.

The control and management of temperatures are guaranteed by specific software that manages a modulating valve with proportional action.

After the pasteurization phase, the PRE-DRYING – COOLING process for filled pasta is provided, consisting of two separate heat treatment sections:

– 2 pre-drying layers for a quick pre-drying treatment on the surface of the product

– 3 cooling layers for temperature reduce the temperature

– 1 accumulation plan in case of interruption of the work cycle of downstream machines

Each floor consists of a stainless steel or plastic food belt with articulated meshes, the self-supporting structure is in stainless steel. The panels are highly insulated, resistant to high temperature and completely openable to facilitate access for cleaning and control the machine.

Between the sections a dividing panel is realized, specifically created to avoid problems in the thermal passage between the two sections and above all the problems deriving from the condensation of the product inside the pre-dryer.

The pre-drying time can vary from 2 to 10 minutes, while the cooling time varies from 8 to 12 minutes, depending on the type of fresh stuffed pasta to be treated.

At the end of this thermal process, the product is ready to be packed and follow the distribution procedure. The duration of the filled pasta packed with this process method is 60 days.

According to customer needs, the line can be modified, both to adapt the pasteurization process – pre-drying – cooling processes to specific product requirements, both for developing the system in height and verticalizing the system in order to safeguard the space of production.

Alessandra Salvalaggio
Marketing & Communication Manager